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How Much Weight Can I Tow with My Tractor and Hitch?

Operator's manuals do not contain towing information.

The general "rule of thumb" for towing capacity is total tractor weight + maximum ballast + operator weight.

Factory recommended towing capacity is generally determined by the total vehicle weight + operator weight + any additional Factory approved ballast such as front weights, suitcase weights or wheel weights.

Your tractor's weight can be found in the Specification section of your Operator's Manual. Do not attempt to tow any more than this weight plus that of the operator, unless additional factory approved ballast is added.

Each model of tractor has different factory approved weights that can be added. See your dealer to obtain factory approved weights for your tractor.

To ensure proper operation and adequate braking, the weight pulled should be less than (or no more than equal to) the total vehicle weight as mentioned above. Most machines will physically pull more weight than this, but you must be able to adequately stop the machine with the load you are trying to tow.

The towing capacities referred to above assume flat dry ground conditions on a hard surface such as concrete.

Always remember that conditions change and that just because you can tow a certain weight does not always mean you can safely stop the machine when towing.

Towing capacity should be adjusted for any conditions that offer less traction. These conditions might include (but are not limited to) wet grass, steep inclines, ice and snow, etc.

These guidelines also assume the hitch portion of the tractor has positive tongue (drawbar) weight. Negative tongue (drawbar) weight can reduce traction significantly.

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