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If you own a John Deere model  325, 335, 345, 355D, GX series or X500 series two wheel steer John Deere garden tractor, you will find out sooner or later just how limited your towing capability is due to the design of the flat rear "Box Style" frame and relatively thin steel of the hitch plate.  Based on my personal experience with my own tractor,  I have developed a line of bolt on utility hitches that will allow you to dramatically increase the usefulness of these garden tractors with no modification to the tractor it's self.  The "Saddle" design of my hitch actually spreads the working load across the entire rear cross member of the frame in much the same way a horse saddle distributes a riders weight across the horse's back.  Click on the following links to view pictures and more information on each hitch.  Always follow towing recommendations concerning how much weight you can safely tow with your tractor.

Please note: I do not sell hitches for use on the John Deere 100, LT or LX series lawn tractors.  The 100, LT and LX series are classified as lawn tractors not garden tractors, as such they are simply not strong enough to handle the potential loads that can be generated using these hitches.  Also please note, I do not sell hitches for non-John Deere garden tractors so please don't ask.

Steve Hayes

If your garden tractor is equipped with a sleeve hitch you need to look at these useful accessories.  Each of these items were designed by Hayes Enterprises for use on our own tractors.  We find that we use these accessories all the time and we think you will too.

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Our 3-Point hitch adaptor adds tremendous flexibility to any Cat 0 or Cat 1 3-Point hitch equipped tractor.


I have had a number of customers request hard to make parts that they can then use to make their own attachments.  I will be adding parts to this section from time to time.


Please contact us  with any questions and specify which hitch you are interested in.

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