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Here is my bike page.  I will be adding pictures from time to time.  but first a little background.  

I bought my first Harley shortly after I graduated from High School in 1972.  Somewhere I have a picture of me on that Sportster.  As soon as I run across it I will scan it and post it here.  Anyway my first Harley was a 1968 XLH with 6" over front forks that gave it a chopper look.  Shortly after getting married, I was forced to sell the bike to pay bills.  As newlyweds money was tight.  My wife told me at that time if I was still interested in a bike on our 25th anniversary she would buy me another Harley.  Fast Forward, to August 29th 2001 when we celebrated 25 years together and true to her word she let me pick out a new Harley.  So this is my bike page. 


2002 Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider FXDL
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