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While using our John Deere 345 garden tractor it became obvious very early that the stock yard cart towing hitch was simply insufficient for any kind of serious work.  The factory hitch actually limited the usefulness of our tractor.  It was evident to us that the tractor was capable of towing much more than the stock hitch would allow. 

This realization led directly to the development of our "Saddle" mounted Multi-Hitch.  Our Multi-Hitch acts exactly like the saddle on a horse distributing the load across the entire rear cross member of the frame.  The Multi-Hitch will add 30# to the rear of your tractor.  The integrated yard cart hitch is made from 3/8" steel.  The weight bracket will hold up to 4 standard 48# suitcase weights.  And the 2" receiver will accept any industry standard automotive style 2" trailer hitch.  The design of the Multi-Hitch does not interfere with access to the transaxle dipstick or the hydrostat release lever.  The Multi-Hitch is attached to the tractor's frame using two 1/2" bolts and installation normally takes less than 5 minutes. 

Now you can tow your yard cart without fear of wear or damage to the tractor's frame.  You can hang up to 4 standard suitcase weights from the rear of your tractor for those times you need that extra traction.  And now you can insert your 2" trailer hitch onto your garden tractor's receiver to move around that trailer you have in the back yard.  All from one simple to install Multi-Hitch.  Always follow towing recommendations concerning how much weight you can safely tow with your tractor.


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